Splendors of Ceylon Sri Lanka Colombo

About Colombo

Sri Lanka’s commercial capital and the largest city with the highest population, Colombo is situated in the Western Province. It is a fascinating town which has a blend of eastern and western cultures where all colors of the island are drawn together. Many visitors appreciate the city’s colonial heritage and enjoy the vast range of fine shopping and dining outlets that can be located within the rush of its urban buzz.
During your journey through the City of Colombo, you will visit the Bandaranaike Memorial International Conference Hall (BMICH) which is the very first purpose built convention center in Asia that combines the best of professional conference facilities available.
The Independence Square, is also a must visit, which today has become a major tourist attraction due to its historical significance and extraordinary work of architecture. Your visit will see the Old Parliament of Sri Lanka and the gorgeous Galle Face Green facing the beautiful Indian Ocean.
Also you could have the opportunity to shop at the famous department stores and malls in Colombo where you would find brands at bargain prices.
Dehiwala Zoo stands out in the whole Asia, providing a home to a large number of animals and birds.
You will see different species of animals brought from various countries of the world at the Dehiwala zoo, lions, tigers, leopards, hyenas, wolves, cheetahs, bears, rhinos etc. Even huge animals like elephants, giraffes are also kept in the zoo. As there is greater freedom here than in the many zoos around the world, thousands of visitors visit the zoo every year. The sight of colorful storks at the screaming macaws ruffling mix bright places soon make any visitor quite at ease.